Oh Portland, how do we hang on to our lovely weather for more than a few days?

Rain or no rain, it is the ‘Busy Season’ in Real Estate here in the Rose City and that means there are clients to find homes for, homes to preview, doors to knock before I hold listings open (to let neighbors know I’ll be holding a home open in their neighborhood) and people to invite into the process of selling and/or buying their next home!

Though it is a lot of work, this is the time of year I love most.

Portland-Proper has a low inventory of available homes and that has created a Seller’s market is some neighborhoods: Alameda, Irvington, Inner Southeast Portland, Inner Northeast Portland, Close-In NW Portland, and in some pockets of SW Portland. Other areas are still a Buyers’ Market.

For Seller/Buyers selling a home in a Sellers’ Market and buying their next home in an area or neighborhood that is a Buyers’ Market, well, it really doesn’t get much better than now!

Though the inventory is low right now, there are some incredibly cool properties on the market. I was browsing the pool of condos in Inner-NW this morning on the MLS and was amazed to see gorgeous property after gorgeous property come up. Some are very large (could have been two condos at one time that owners turned into one), some have fantastic architectural details, and others have amenities coming out of their eaves!

Of the pool of available houses on the market, I’ve seen homes with fantastical open-beam ceilings with woodwork that must have been created by a Master Carpenter. That was no average trim package! I saw more than one gorgeous English Garden with roses abloom and boxwood hedges. There are several homes with pools on the market right now if Summer in the backyard ‘cement pond’ is what you’re dreaming of, and many homes have first-floor offices with beautiful built-ins and glass french-doors. And all of the homes I am describing right now are under $700,000.

My point is this, while inventory in your target market may be low and competition a little more hot than you are comfortable with, the quality I am seeing on the market is really, really wonderful. There are homes with character and charm, with unique and beautiful details, and that would be something all your friends will be talking about should you be one of the Buyers who decides now is the time to make that move.

If you are looking for something really special, now is a great time to be in the market for your next home.

I was really fortunate recently to tour a home my husband and I sold to a wonderful couple in 2006. The house is a Queen Anne Victorian in the Hawthorne District. It was built in 1895. That home was my dream home and living in it was a privilege. When we put it on the market, it sold quickly to a couple with a long history in the area. They love the house as much as we did.

When I walked through it a few weeks ago, the guitar-maker and his wife who live there now showed me a home that was absolutely stunning! The handmade Zebrawood Table in the Dining room was made for the room. The husband tore out the kitchen we put in to sell the home, and replaced everything with a hand-built, Black Walnut kitchen (with a natural stain) that took my breath away. He built a banquette that looks as though it has always been there. The back of the banquette is made from a piece of Black Walnut that he carved and finished to be a beautiful, curved, concave seat-back. It. Is. Breath-taking! It is beautiful and unique, and it looks wonderfully appropriate for that home. I left feeling so appreciative that they bought that lovely home and that they had taken such wonderful care of it!

The home I just described is not on the market, but there are homes like it, on the market, right now. Those are the kinds of details I am talking about: beautiful custom kitchens, office built-ins, libraries, exquisite gardens. They’re all out there if you have been waiting for something wonderful to come along.

If you would like to see a home with a solar-heated pool and a lovely backyard, I’d love to show one to you! There are a couple for sale in Lake Oswego. If you’d like to see high Barrel Ceilings with large wooden beams, I can show you that too. If you really want that English Garden you have been dreaming about for years, there are several on the market right now.

Now is a great time to find that gem you may have been thinking about.

If you’d like to go out and take a look, call me at (971) 258-5500 and we’ll go on a little tour!

I’m off to take a look at what’s coming up on Broker Tour!

Happy House Hunting!