Oh Portland! How I do love your Bungalows, Saltboxes, ‘Old Portlands,’ Foursquares, Moderns, Victorians (yes! Victorians!) and everything in-between really?

More than words.

On Broker Tour today there was everything an old-house-enthusiast could ever want: hardwood floors, grand foyers with gracious banisters, box-beam ceilings, a kitchen remodeled with warm Hickory cabinets and glass knobs, original lead-glass and stained-glass windows, tasteful and period-correct reproduction light fixtures from Rejuvenation House Parts, laundry chutes that remind us of childhoods at our grandparents’ homes, cool, dry basements with new, energy-efficient gas furnaces, and air conditioning too!

There were beautiful back yards, well-appointed with patio furniture and thoughtful plantings. Two homes had detached studios. One house had a huge, private back yard and an 8-car garage with a true epoxy floor. The former owner was a car enthusiast. Sound a little over the top? It was actually really well-done. I could have eaten my lunch off that floor, it was so clean.

I was touring some of Windermere’s listings in Irvington, Alameda, Laurelhurst, and one in Southwest.

The agents who were holding their listings open were all experienced and it was clear they all know their craft well.

It was a great opportunity to get re-acquainted with Portland’s wonderful and unique architecture. Each area has its own, distinct character. The streets have a certain feel. So do the houses and yards. Driving up Fremont, there are small boutique shops that serve neighborhood residents. People wave hello to one another. It feels like Fremont.

I’m showing homes to a couple next week and was previewing some of our better listings today to find homes they may want to see. I found a few.

She’s very particular about the arrangement of space – the flow of the house. I agree with her. Ultimately, the flow of the space is what they’ll have to navigate every day, to do anything in their new home. He wants a space to call his own – not a “man cave” per se’. An office or den. A place away from the kids and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday family life. I understand his need for this too. The kids need space to play and pretend and create…and giggle and build forts and paint and write stories…about space travel and adventures on Saturn. Or so their son tells me. I believe him and I completely understand him too.

I want to write stories about space travel and adventures on Saturn!

So I look and gauge the feel of the space, check distance between appliances, check to see if the laundry facilities are in the basement or on the main floor where it would be so much more convenient. I check for air conditioning that could keep them comfortable on warm, humid days and for a back yard large enough, and safe enough, to kick around a soccer ball. I look for a little garden space for her vegetable garden and for a window in the kitchen. She likes the light. I look for orientation to the sun to see if they’ll get the warm Western sunset. And she practices yoga. So all potential homes need to have a nice, large, airy space for her to stretch and pose.

Sound like a long wish list? Is it? We all have ‘must-haves’ on our own lists. Sometimes things are removed and others added once the hunt begins in earnest.

But that’s okay. I tell her what I tell all my clients; “Embrace your picky-hood! It’s your life, your home, your money. Your list can contain whatever you want to put on it. It’s up to you!”

And she understands that. It’s what the good real estate agents I have dealt with in my past have said to me. They were right!

Let the search begin!